Datum: 13 Jul, 2022
Avtorica: Tatjana Kolenc

Why mentoring has been more and more important

Let us start with minor modification of famous words of Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, saying: “Care is the new currency of modern world”. Why? On one hand we are facing fast technology development, digitalization, changed forms and ways of working and learning. On the other hand there is strong need to care for people and to build strong interpersonal relationship. And the essence and the beauty of mentoring is precisely in genuine, confidential and respectful relationship.

Mentoring offers a safe space where we can be what we really are. Where all the questions are allowed and appreciated and where we benefit from immediate feedback. We could say that mentoring is bringing us psychological well-being which is especially important in the world of hybrid work. It is also a place where we can speak loudly about our goals and making them more achievable.

Those who have mentors are proven to perform better, progress faster and have a more balanced life. They are more engaged, more self-aware and satisfied with both work& career and personal life. Mentoring helps individuals better align their personal expectations and values ​​with their career goals.

It is also proven that those who had mentors are better leaders. Because in mentoring relationship we upskill our communication and relational competences, we learn how to inspire, motivate and become more conscious individuals.

Mentors are here to see our talents and bring them out of us. To see ahead and guide us towards our goals. To empower us to see our future and believe we can achieve it.  And to teach us that there is no point to go faster, higher and further if we do not appreciate the path.

How mentoring contributes to personal and professional development of individuals and their empowerment

Mentoring is a great motivation to never stop learning, that lifelong learning becomes our daily routine, a habit. It helps us understand that knowledge is most valuable when we share it with others. And when we know that we don’t know everything and that, despite all our knowledge and experience, we can constantly learn. Every single day, from everyone and especially from those different from us.

Mentoring help individuals to develop their skills and competences. With mentors help we, as mentees, expand our social network, we understand better what the success means and how to be successful in our own terms. That success does not mean becoming indispensable. Indispensable people cannot progress. With the help of mentors we become aware that we are the only one responsible for our development and progress.

As mentors, we improve our leadership and active listening skills, empathy and relational competences. While mentoring others, we strengthen storytelling skills, the ability to give and receive feedback and the feeling of self-confidence and appreciation in society. Through mentoring, we get inspiration for our own progress and development.

Mentoring helps us all to stay alert on our career journey, so that we can fully develop and use  our potential. Mentoring empowers us to see what is the best for us and those around us. Mentoring teaches us to be patient. Not shy or too humble, or with low, modest goals. But to be patient and persistent.  As they say, you can’t run until you walk.

Mentoring also teaches us that we need to ask ourselves questions all the time.

When we are at the beginning of our career, questions such as whether my work excites me, am I engaged or I just go with the flow, am I constantly developing or am I stuck in place. They say that if we do not strengthen the existing and develop new skills at least every two years, we are not at the wright place.

When we are approaching the peak of our career, it is good to repeatedly ask ourselves what excites me at work and what takes away my energy, do I want to progress further and to where, am I progressing as I imagined, does my career allow me to do what I think that is important.

When our career is slowly coming to its end, it is good to ask ourselves whether and in what way I can continue to grow and what my legacy will be.

And the easiest way to answer all these questions is with the help of mentors. This is why it is good to be surrounded by mentors all the time, regardless our age or career position, to build our own network of mentors, to always have someone we can turn to.

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