Datum: 23 Sep, 2022
Kraj dogodka: Ljubljana Castle

In Heartmentorship community we are extremely honored to be a part of G100 Balkan tour event on September 22-23 in Ljubljana with the title Co-creating the future we want to live in.  

We co-created one of the two panels named »Mentorship as a tool for cross-gender and cross-generational bonding and co-creation.« Mirjana Ivanuša Bezjak, Ema Potočnik, Darinka Pavlič Kamien, Tatjana Kolenc and  Klaudija Javornik revealed the potential of mentorship in creating the inclusive society of empowered individuals and prosperity for all.

We also used this occasion to launch a new initiative named CONNECTED IN MENTORSHIP-MENTORSHIP FOR EVERYONE in collaboration with Business Women Association FAM and 30 holders of mentoring programs and platforms in Slovenia.

Mentoring is a great tool to meet young generations needs and expectations, to feel accepted, supported and heard, to embrace the experiential knowledge from older and more experienced generations and therefor to bring all the generations together in joint co-creation. This unique power derives from the key aspects and benefits of mentoring:

✔two-way street bringing benefits to both sides, to all participants

✔mutual growth, empowerement, self advocacy, visibility,

✔sounding board for exchanging ideas, views, knowledge and experiences

✔relationship built on trust, respect and open communication

✔safe space to maintain personal authenticity and uniqueness

✔best place to bring out individual’s talents and potentials without fear fom not being accepted and understood, and to find a path how and where best use them; healing process & time saver.

We will continue to build a strong mentoring community based on the already mentioned iniative CONNECTED IN MENTORSHIP – MENTORSHIP FOR EVERYONE with the aim to built a larger mentoring community, to connect mentors and mentees and make mentorship accessible to everyone.

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